About Us

This website is written about a family living in Central Pennsylvania.  Our family goals are to live as contentedly as possible while fostering community and preserving the earth’s resources.

Our family faces challenges with food allergies as we have a member with diagnosed celiac disease, a member with undiagnosed celiac and dairy intolerance, and a member with nut allergies.  Food is very important to us and we spent a lot of time, energy and money on feeding our family the best way possible.

We garden, we source locally and we cook at home a lot to fill our family’s food needs.  You’ll find our recipes – all gluten free – and our tactics for eating well while staying on a budget on the www.earthtoeats.com website.

You will see the following family members mentioned on this website:

  • Dad – Scott, wizard behind www.thepermaculturepodcast.com
  • Mom – Shawn Marie, Skeeball queen and geographer behind www.amusementparkmom.com
  • Big Sister – Skeetr, currently serving in the US Military, age 20
  • Medium Sister – Fuzz, currently trying to lose her first tooth, age 6
  • Brother – Bub, the master construction whiz, age 5
  • Bobby – black and white cat who likes to play tag, age 4
  • Howard – orange cat who likes to catch Bobby, age 2
  • Hermies – 3 hermit crabs named Skeetr, Fuzz and Bub, age ?
  • The Pirahnas – 2 very large gold fish with no specific names, age 4

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them on the blog.

Enjoy the website!

The Mann Family

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