Goddess Cookie Company Gluten Free Cookies

While on a family trip to check out Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum, I was surprised to see a sign out front offering the best gluten free cookies I’d find anywhere.  This was an offer that seemed too good to be true so I knew then that I would have to take some home with me.  That lead me to buy a package ominously named Kali, a robust ginger cookie.

Made by the Goddess Cookie Company and baker Caryn Sheckler, they are made with only the finest ingredients, with no junk or fillers.  They are free of a number of common allergens including peanuts, oats, wheat, dairy, casein, soy, and trans-fats.  They are, however, almond based, so if you have a nut allergy they should be avoided.  For those of us without one, the almonds give a wonderful texture with a thick outer crust surrounding a moist chewy center.  If the label had not listed almonds as the main ingredient I would have had no reason to suspect it.

In the case of Kali, she had a hearty ginger taste with chunks of ginger.  This is what we should expect from every gingersnap.  It is rich, mouth filling, with a spicy warm taste that lingers comfortably long after every bite.

Besides Kali, there is also Venus (Double Chocolate), Freya (Currants and Spices), Tara (Coconut), and Arasy (Apricot and Cinnamon).  And, for those Vegans out there, Kali, Freya, Tara, and Arasy are all safe.

In the end, the pack of cookies I bought never made it home.  Instead, I ate them on the ride back. As for Mister Ed’s pronouncement, I agree:  They were the best gluten free cookies I’ve had so far.