Quinoa Qookies

I’ll admit it.  I ate the whole package.  By myself.  Why?  Because these are the best gluten free cookies I have eaten since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Finding tasty quality products when on a restricted diet can be difficult and when you find something worth buying it is important to share that information with others.  So here I am recommending to anyone with a gluten issue to try Quinoa Qookies.

From reading my earlier cookie reviews, you know my biggest complaint so far is texture.  Thankfully, that is not a problem with these.  They nail a soft baked cookie nearly perfectly: soft, chewy, and with a light delicate crumb.  Combine that with a flavor that starts as coconut and honey, ending with brown sugar and molasses and this is a winner.  A pleasurable, high quality winner.

If you are on a gluten free diet, give Quinoa Qookies a try.  They are comparable in price to other similar items and more than worth it.  They are better than anything else I have found on the market yet.

Price: $4.95 for 3 Qookies.
Purchase at: http://www.quinoaqookies.com/

Note:  I did receive my Qookies as a sample from the maker, James Sklar.  This did not however influence my review.  If I didn’t like them I would not have written about them.

Mmmm…. Woodchuck Cider

I am pleased to report that most varieties of Woodchuck Cider are Gluten Free and super tasty.  This isn’t an assumption because it is made from apples, they had it tested:

Green Mountain Beverage has received numerous inquiries asking if Woodchuck Draft Ciders contain gluten. Due to these requests Green Mountain Beverage had each of the Woodchuck Draft Cider styles tested by ABC Research Corp., Gainesville, FL. We have received the analytical results confirming that all Woodchuck Draft Cider styles are naturally gluten free! (Amber, Dark & Dry 802, Granny Smith, Pear, and Raspberry).


Price: $6.99 a 6 pack.

Purchased At: Wegmans.

Saveur Magazine to the Celiac Rescue

I received a subscription to Saveur magazine shortly before my Celiac diagnosis.  It has been a blessing while adjusting to a gluten free diet.  The tagline for the magazine is “Savor a World of Authentic Cuisine”, which includes a number of world cultures that do not regularly use any wheat products.  The December 2009 issue contains 16 gluten free recipes.  Of the remaining 15, there were several that could easily be converted to be gluten free by changing the flour used to something safe, or in the case of a lovely ham recipe, by using a GF Beer such as Bards.

If you don’t want to get a subscription, browse the website.  There are numerous recipes listed, again, many of which are safe as written.  Though I haven’t cooked a ton of recipes from the magazine, the ones I have were tasty and helped me through the initial feeling of deprivation that came with switching to a gluten free diet.